Jardin de amor ( Garden of Love) was created by initiative of Mrs. Yolanda Ballesteros, who dreamed of creating a place where unprotected or abused children find more than a shelter, they will find Love, and that would be “Mamá Yoly”, as it is known and Will continue naming him in this work.

In 2002 it began as a community dining room in the Colon neighborhood, better known as the Niquitao sector, in the center of the city of Medellín, and under the protection of a Christian community. An average number of 150 to 200 children and their mothers were attended, where they were given toilet, breakfast and lunch every day, to later function as a day-time home. However, when they returned at night, children continued to be harassed, spending most of their time on the street, begging, prostitution, addiction or subjected to labor exploitation or delinquency, either by Groups outside the law and / or their own families; Given this situation, in 2005, attention began under the form of boarding school with 6 boys and girls between 5 and 7 years.

This new home with internship modality comes in the midst of informality, since everything was done with oral agreements and only with Yolanda as responsible and caregiver. In this way, a vacant farm house was opened in the middle of the inclement weather of the municipality of Guarne in eastern Antioquia, and it is here that the Garden of Love Foundation is born, with a great purpose to create social capital From the base, boys and girls.

And although the social capital does not have a specific definition, as mentioned in the text entitled: Table on Capital Social Capital Capital: Virtues and Limitations of Margarita Flores and Fernando Rello in 2001. It is worth mentioning that the dream of the foundation is to provide To the society committed citizens who work for this nation.

From the point of view of Mama Yoly, it was necessary to move the territory to achieve greater well-being, noting that they began a work full of love, but with a deficit of economic resources.

Mission statement

Garden of Love is an independent, non-profit human rights organization for orphaned and abandoned children in Medellin. Children who are deprived of the guidance and protection of their primary caregivers are more vulnerable to health risks, violence, exploitation and discrimination . We strive to guard the fundamental needs of this disadvantaged population by providing shelter, food and all other necessities. all of our children are engaged in public educations but will enjoy after school art program including music, dance, visual art and english classes.When kids feel good while they are creating art helps boost self-confidence. and children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room.